Pubwatch explained
Safer Shrewsbury Shop & PubWatch Partnership is a scheme designed to support the management of the town’s licensed premises with the key aim of achieving a safer, more pleasant environment for all members of the public to enjoy, regardless of Age, Gender, Race, Colour or Religious Beliefs, by encouraging Licensees to promote Responsible Drinking, Drug Awareness and a sense of Social Responsibility in their respective venues to Bar Staff, Door Supervisors and Customers alike.
The Licensees of our scheme have agreed to support each other in an attempt to reduce incidents of violence, public disorder, drug related matters and other criminal offences in the area covered by our Pub Watch.

How is the decision made to ban anyone? A committee consisting of Licensees only makes their decision on facts presented to them but not knowing the identity of that person.

It is important to emphasize that those who operate licensed premises have always had a common law right to decide whom they will and will not admit to their premises.  Provided there is no unlawful discrimination [i.e. discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability etc} admission can be refused to any person, for any reason or no reason at all.  At its simplest level, a Pub Watch scheme is a group of Licensees who voluntarily agree to exercise their individual rights to refuse admission collectively.
Our scheme is backed by a radio network which allows members to effectively share information with the Police. In addition the Police provide confidential photographs to assist staff identifying excluded individuals.

key aims
To reduce the number of alcohol related  assaults and injuries.
To work in partnership with the licensed trade to improve the management of licensed premises.
To promote the provisions of safe drinking.
To reduce the perceptions of drunkenness, rowdiness and disorder in the night-time economy.

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