Zero tolerance regarding drugs
Zero tolerance regarding violence
Common banning policy from licensed premises
Our Policy is fully supported by Judges sitting at Shrewsbury Crown Court who will make banning orders for such offences.

Our schemes are registered under the Data Protection Act and within the guidelines of the European Convention of Human Rights.


Radio Link monitored by both CCTV and the Police
Information sharing
Trade increases because customer safety is not threatened
Your business gains an improved public image
Monthly meetings and intelligence sharing
The latest information on Retail and Licensing Laws


Membership fees range from £60 to £120 per year

Starting at £70 for Independent Retailers, Multinational Stores start at £125 with a maximum of £250 for the very large stores.

Radio costs are not included in either scheme. Radio Hire is from about £20 per month or you can purchase a radio for as little as £250. You must be a member of the scheme to be a part of radio link.

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