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Our Pub Watch was formed in 2002 and works in Partnership with West Mercia Police, Shropshire Council Community Safety Partnership & Licensing Department, Trading Standards & Drug Action Team.
Benefits of Membership
Radio link monitored by both CCTV and Police.
CCTV monitoring of potential trouble makers.
Information sharing-an excluded person’s register with photographs of such person’s banned from premises for assaults; acts of violence, drug related crime, offences of anti-social behaviour, theft, criminal damage and football exclusion orders.
Trade increases because customer safety is not threatened.
Your business gains an improved public image
Regular meetings.
The latest information on the Licensing Laws.
Membership of Best Bar None if you so wish.
It is understood that the Government will introduce a Late Night Levy in September this year for any premises that serve alcohol after midnight.  Membership of Pub Watch will entitle you to a reduction in the amount you pay.
Our Policy
Zero tolerance regarding crime within the area of Shrewsbury Pub Watch
Common Banning Policy made by Licensees only in accordance with the National Pub Watch Guidelines in particular with the decision made by the High Court in the case of Boyle v Haverhill Pub Watch 2009. In this case it confirmed the basic principle that those who operate licensed premises have an unrestricted right to exclude anyone from their premises, especially those that they see as troublemakers.  We also have a Data Sharing Agreement with West Mercia Police.  Individuals do not have to be convicted of any such offence.
Banned from one, banned from all members premises.
To exclude the persistent and prolific offenders from members premises.
To protect staff from acts of physical violence and verbal abuse.
To reduce the incidents of crime in licensed premises or the fear of crime for the benefit of staff and customers.
To encourage greater economic investment by creating and promoting a safer place for everyone.
Our scheme is registered under the Data Protection Act, which covers the release and use of all information and is also protected by Professional Insurance in case of accidental or malicious disclosure of information.

Membership fees range from £60 to £120 per year plus the cost of radio purchase/hire.

To become a member of for further information please click here

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